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Welcome to Nah..ImaStay

A reciprocal platform where travellers host and stay at each others homes in return for arma Coins.

arma coins are earnt by hosting travellers first and can then be saved up and spent on your own stays along your journey.

Let us break it down for you

friends ready for adventure
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Hosting people first gives you the chance to see if sharing space with a new friend is something you are comfortable with before you start your own travels.

It also gives the person that stays with you a chance to let everyone else know how great a host you were, making people much more willing to host you and leaving all members of the community feeling secure.

Karma Coins?

These are a currency exclusive to Nah..ImaStay. They don't cost any money but you do need to earn them to spend them simply by hosting your fellow travellers and making new friends.

friends ready for adventure

friends ready for adventure